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NK Computer Services Ltd offers a total migration solution from a basic Email only migration to a complete migration of MS Office 365 Enterprise Solution. From 1 user to 200 users or more we can migrate to Office 365 in no time. The migration is all done remotely and totally seamless with zero downtime. Users don’t even realise when they start using MS Office 365.

Office 365 for Business provides you with all the familiar Office favourites such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc. wherever and whenever you need them. Using the convenience of OneDrive online file storage, your employees can share, co-author and edit documents in real time whether they are in the workplace or travelling abroad.

With the flexibility to install Office for Business on PC, Windows and Android tablets, iPads and most mobile devices, your stationary and mobile technology will always have the programs you need to get the job done. In addition, using Sway, the Office 365 app, will assist you in creating reports, presentations and more straight from your mobile device, tablet or browser.

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Cloud Backup

The cloud backup solution has changed the data backup industry. Due to its affordable cost, organisations are determined to get an offsite solution that automatically backups their data. Installation of a cloud based backup solution is simple and can be carried out remotely.
The standard cloud backup solutions we recommend is Cloudberry which offers a managed backup solution with API & CLI integrations, remote deployment and full reporting. It also offers a 256 bit AES encryption, Image based backup, MS SQL, Exchange, etc with immediate restoration in any emergency.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a service where data is remotely maintained, managed, and backed up. The service allows the users to store files online, so that they can access them from any location via the Internet. According to a recent survey conducted with more than 700 business decision makers and users worldwide, the number of organizations gaining competitive advantage through high cloud adoption has almost doubled in the last few years.

Advantages of Cloud Storage
1. Usability: All cloud storage services have desktop folders for Servers, PC’s and Mac’s. This allows users to drag and drop files between the cloud storage and their local storage.
2. Bandwidth: You can avoid emailing files to individuals and instead send a web link to recipients through your email.
3. Accessibility: Stored files can be accessed from anywhere via Internet connection.
4. Disaster Recovery: It is highly recommended that businesses have an emergency backup plan ready in the case of an emergency. Cloud storage can be used as a back‐up plan by businesses by providing a second copy of important files. These files are stored at a remote location and can be accessed through an internet connection.
5. Cost Savings: Businesses and organizations can often reduce annual operating costs by using cloud storage; cloud storage costs about 3 cents per gigabyte to store data externally. Users can see additional cost savings because it does not require internal power to store information remotely.